Bali will likely need to supply for more fresh water to support its tourism industry since experts predict that the island will run out for its fresh ground water supply by the year 2025 due to the saltwater intrusion, reports. Since tourism has become the main economic source for the residents, this flourishing industry is also suspected to be the one of the sources which trigger the intrusion to happen.

It is estimated that the industry uses three million litres of water every day or about 60 percent of the island’s total ground water consumption, while public only consumes about one hundred thousand litres each day.

Intrusion happens when the saline water is moving into the freshwater aquifers which is normally happen near the coastal area. The seawater carries more mineral contents than groundwater with a denser pressure. When they both meet, the saltwater can float on top and push down the freshwater making it even more difficult for the mainland residents to obtain it.

“The development in the tourism industry increase the ground water consumption. The deficit happens because the demand for water is greater than the supply,” stated the Head of Enviromental Research Centre (PPLH) of Udayana University, Dr. I Made Sudarma as reported by on (7/5/2019).

Bali need other alternatives aside from producing more building, and the island also need to provide more open spaces to sustain the availability of its ground water supply.

“The affected region is potentially be the Southern part Denpasar, including Sanur,” added Dr. I Made Sudarma.



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