Indonesia’s most renowned and internationally acclaimed artist and maestro, Srihadi Soedarsono has opened a brand new restaurant on Jalan Bisma, Ubud, Bali with a spectacular launch event that took place on the 29th of July 2019. Shrida, Taste of Ubud is a mecca for the artistic community and the gourmand who delights in the timeless allure of the island’s exotic flavours. It is a place where gastronomy, art and culture come seamlessly together in a haven of taste, touch, sight and smell. It is the promise of an enticing new experience based on a unique cooking philosophy that focuses on wellness, freshness, taste and art.

Maestro Srihadi believes that art can be found anywhere and here at Shrida, Taste of Ubud, his passion in art is showcased in a beautifully curated menu featuring a dazzling array of dishes comprising the treasures of the island coming together with cutting edge techniques from the world of European and Mediterranean culinary. Heading the kitchen is Balinese Executive Chef, Made Suwendra who hails from Klungkung with a long and impressive experience in the international arena. The past 20 years travelling the world has allowed him to successfully bring together the signature flavours of Indonesia to a whole new dimension using European techniques while maintaining tastes and textures derived from authentic Balinese cooking. The Chef recommends his signature dish, the Bebek Mepanggang, or slow roasted herb-infused duck, cooked over small fire for over 12 hours only to emerge tender, juicy, succulent and ever so tasty. The secret, says the Chef, is that the duck is soaked in salt water before being cooked, which ensures that the meat falls off the bone to melt tenderly in your mouth. Those who love lamb must try the Gulai Kambing, Shrida’s version of the Lamb Stew inspired by the French Lamb Shank using the Chef’s inimitable French techniques before being beautifully and artistically plated for guests. Desserts are definitely a must! Try the Kemangi Pudding with pure Coconut Cream, Kemangi leaves, Whip Cream and Jelly. Using fresh local ingredients whenever possible, Shrida also offers vegan and vegetarian selections.

Elegantly designed on all three floors, the restaurant itself is a beautiful representation of the owner’s vision where modernity blends seamlessly together with local accents that represent the eternal beauty of Balinese culture and heritage. Casual Dining takes place on the ground floor amidst a stunning ambience with koi ponds, charming decorations and touches of flora and fauna, while the second floor is a lounge and bar area for gatherings and drinks before dinner. The third floor is a space for fine dining with a semi-outdoor rooftop space for parties and star-gazing.

Shrida is also the site for a monthly Community Gathering where renowned figures and speakers from the art world come together with aspiring writers, poets, filmmakers, artists, photographers, crafters and musicians to exchange knowledge and ideas regarding art. This is one of the founders’ objectives to creating Shrida – to create a place where passion, art and culture can come effortlessly together.


Shrida, Taste of Ubud

Jl. Bisma, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

Ph: +62 361 970 100 | IG: @shrida.tasteofubud

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