A living pilot whale found stranded on Biaung beach, fishermen and locals came to the rescue

Some locals and fishermen at Biaung beach in East Denpasar were in a rush in helping a stranded pilot whale back to the ocean yesterday (8/7). The poor animal was first discovered alive by the locals on the same day at Biaung beach, trying to get his way back to the open sea. Without any professional equipment and after several attempts by the locals and the fishermen, they finally managed to bring the whale back to the ocean safely.

As reported by Sindo News, the Head of Bali’s Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Singgih Susila, the whale was likely having some injuries on his fin which caused him to get washed up on the beach.

A crowd from the local residents was seen surrounded the area to witness the rare moments of the stranded whale, some even photographed the event.

“The evacuation of the whale is conducted by the locals, fishermen, and staff from BKSDA who came to the scene. Even with poor equipment, the team managed to bring the adult pilot whale back to the sea,” added Singgih Susila.


Article & Photo source: www.daerah.sindonews.com

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