PT Trijaya Dewata Embarks On CSR Program, SMP Pancasila Canggu First To Receive Free Website

In this thriving digital era, PT Trijaya Dewata, one of the leading media companies in Bali and Indonesia, has created and established its very own web server, becoming the first tourism media in Bali to do so. After achieving this significant milestone, Trijaya Dewata is now embarking on a Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) to provide 100 Free Websites For 100 Causes, which will be implemented in stages throughout Bali.

The first recipient to benefit from the company’s CSR program is SMP Pancasila, an educational institution for children aged 13-15 in Canggu. Trijaya Dewata has built a website for the institution where all works were carried out for free, including providing the website’s domain, templates, content insertion as well as site implementation.

PT Trijaya Dewata will continue to carry out its CSR program by providing another 99 free websites to deserving establishments and related causes throughout the island in the fields of education, social, or culture including schools, social and cultural organizations, and others who are in need of assistance in the creation of their websites for the digital improvement of Bali.

If you know of any schools, establishments and related agencies that would like to receive our assistance, please contact us, PT Trijaya Dewata at (+62) 361 906 5014, via email at or contact our Founder, Hendra Lapusa directly via email.

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