Balinese dancesport athletes won International Dance Competition in Malaysia

I Gusti Ngurah Aditya Surya and Ni Putu Archisya Anandari Wandhira are the two Balinese Dancesport athletes who has successfully brought home a gold medal in an International Dancesport competition held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, RRI reports. The couple leads on the first position in an Amateur Rising Star standard ballroom, while the dancers from Hongkong and Malaysia are placed on the second and third position respectively.

When RRI Malaysia contacted Archisya on Sunday (8/11), she expressed her joy and gratitude for being able to won the competition like what she had expected. “This competition, the result is like what I have targeted. Chisya won the first place. This also as a try out before the PON Pre-qualification round on August 16th,” added Chisya.

The Hongkong and Philippines dancers are the strongest and toughest dancers to beat during the competition, added Chisya. But Chisya and her dance partner, Aditya, managed to brought their best performances during the competition and finally won the first place.

“(I’m) Happy and very proud, but (I) should not feel satisfied yet since it was a try out. Therefore, (I) have to practice more because I believe that knowledge never ends,” she explained.

Chisya is now focusing on her PON (The National Sports Week) pre-qualification round next august 16th in Bali. Her strongest opponent would be the dancers from Yogyakarta which has become the barometer for the dancers in Bali.

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