The Bali police has set the national record for the longest Indonesian flag ever carried on Thursday, 14 August 2019. The event was held at the UNESCO’s World Heritage, Jatiluwih in Tabanan, Jawa Pos reports.

The 1,945 metres long and 1,5 metres wide of red and white fabric that made up the Indonesian flag was carried by 1,700 personnel of national police, 8 religious’ leaders, and 45 personnel of national army along the track in Jatiluwih to celebrate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day on August 17th. Each number has its own meaning. The 1,700 personnel of the national police symbolize the number of 17 which is the date and the 1,945 symbolizes the year of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

The head of Bali Police, Dr. Petrus R. Golose was also seen attending the event, which according to him that through the event, the institution wanted to speak out about peace.

“From Bali we speak out the peace, we speak out the tolerance,” added Dr. Petrus R. Golose.

Aside from being one of UNESCO’s world heritage, Golose further explained that Jatiluwih was selected since this tourist destination area has beautiful terraced paddy fields which symbolizes prosperity.

Yusuf Ngadri, the Senior Manager of The Indonesain World Records Museum also added, “This time Polda Bali was focusing in paddy field to express gratitude for the prosperity as well as to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Indonesian independence,”

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