It has been 74 years since Ir. Soekarno, Indonesia’s beloved first president declared the nation’s independence after hundreds of years under the reign of the Dutch.

Now, we have seen this nation becoming one of the most powerful countries in South East Asia and all the while gaining more and more recognition in the world through its thriving tourism industry, especially with one of the world’s most adored little island, Bali. As the island of paradise and the Island of the Gods, Bali has won many prestigious awards as the world’s best travel destination.

From hundreds of years under the power of foreign nations to an independent country with a burgeoning economy and a  flourishing tourism industry, Indonesia has proven itself a great nation.

Here are some powerful words from the founding father of Indonesia, the first president of Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno “The nation that doesn’t believe in the power of itself as a nation, will never stand as an independent nation.”

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia.May there always be peace, prosperity and unity for our great and beautiful country.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke 74!
From all of us at Bali Plus Magazine and PT. Trijaya Dewata

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