The 14th annual Sanur Village Festival will be held on this upcoming 21st of August to 25th August 2019 at Matahari Terbit Beach, Sanur in Denpasar. This year, the festival promises a bigger and a more spectacular show with series of Bali’s and Indonesia’s most adored musicians from Navicula, Indra Lesmana, Pongki Baratha, Trio Lestari, to Indonesia’s sweetheart- Isyana Sarasvati that will heat up the stages of the 2019 Sanur Village Festival.

The most distinctive object is the application of bamboo or gesing in the venue, from adornments to miscellaneous appliances, as the festival brought up the theme of Dharmaning Gesing which means to glorify bamboo. According to the chairman of Sanur Village Festival, I.B Gede Sidharta Putra during the press conference in Griya Santriyan Sanur on Monday (19/8), bamboo has an important role in the life of the Balinese people. Aside from being ceremonial instrument, the philosophical foundation in bamboo is also useful to be implemented in our everyday life.

The Denpasar police will send out a total of forty-eight officers to secure the three hectares venue that will be visited by a hundred thousand of visitors during Sanur Village Festival.

For your information, all transaction in Sanur Village Festival will be made cashless by using Link Aja, an online payment app authorized by the state-owned enterprises.

Also seen in today’s press conference, Indra Lesmana, one of Indonesia’s most talented musician will also perform his musical collaboration project with Balinese artist, I Nyoman Windha, that features jegog instrument—a traditional bamboo instrument from Bali.


Photo source: Titah/Baliplus

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