The Bali-based organization, BASAbali, has recently been awarded the 2019 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy for their outstanding contribution in the local Balinese literacy movement through its ‘BASAbali Wiki’—an online tool which provides a complete guidance to Balinese language and the local’s literary works. The announcement was posted on the UNESCO’s official website on Wednesday (9/4).

“Based on a collaboration of scholars, governments, artists, and community members from within and outside of Bali, BASAbali was created as a digital tool to both preserve local languages and strengthen them by transforming people’s attitudes towards promoting and valuing linguistic diversity.” quoted from UNESCO’s official website.

Since it was first founded, the organization has been actively promoting the importance of the local Balinese language worldwide by creating a multimedia tool consisting an online dictionary which allows its users to browse and search all Balinese words and their translations in Indonesian and English. The tool was officially launched eight years ago and now has reached over half a million users. In addition to online dictionary, the tool also provides a complete guidance through some of Bali’s literary writings, books, and figures which also available in all three languages.

The local Balinese and international community are encouraged to participate in the content insertion with supervisions by the team of professional linguists from BASAbali.

The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy is awarded to the individuals, both the governments or governmental agencies as well as NGOs who is recognized for their outstanding movements in the field of literacy for adults in rural areas and out-of-school youth, especially girls and women. The award is also part of UNESCO’s International Literacy Prizes.


Source: UNESCO

Photo source: Unsplash

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