The Denpasar police are still investigating the death of a 78-year-old US citizen, later identified as James Bruce Agutter. James was found dead inside a parked car in front of a spa centre in Sanur on Thursday morning (9/12). The police discovered no sign of violence on James’ body.

It was the owner of the spa centre who first discovered James at around 7 am local time. He saw James was sitting on the driver’s seat with her right hand on the car key. He also told the police that the victim called him prior to the incident, asking him about the parking lot and flights to Singapore.

“The victim called the witness, telling him that he will go to Singapore and asking whether he can park his car here in front the office,” stated I Nyoman Wirajaya, the head of South Denpasar police.

The witness knocked on the car window several times but still got no answer from James. He then opened the car door and later found out that James has died.

“The witness knocked on the window car but no answer. He then opened the car door and found out that James has died,” added Wirajaya.

The police also found some clothes, two units smartphones, IDR 2,1 cash and several medicines inside the car. Now the body has been taken to Sanglah hospital in Denpasar.




Photo: Unsplash

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