\The Devil’s Tears bay in Klungkung is temporarily out of the travel list for Chinese Tourists

ASITA Bali, an organization focuses in tours and travel agencies in Bali, warns travel agencies to put The Devil’s Tears bay out of the travel list for Chinese Tourist. The decision is taken after the agreement made between the agency with the Chinese Consulates due to series of fatal accidents happened. The bay will be temporarily unavailable starting next 15 September 2019, and will be stay out of the list until the area is completed with proper safety fences.

The Devil’s Tears bay in Nusa Lembongan island in Klungkung is one of tourists’ favourite destination on the island. The moment when the big wave is crashing on to the cliff becomes the magnet for numerous visitors of the Devil’s Tears bay, especially for the Chinese tourists. They are warned to not to stand too close near the edge of the cliff but some ignored which become quite an issue for the tour guide. Most tourists are still standing near the dangerous cliff for photos.

During this year, some fatal accident has taken away the lives of the tourists who visit the bay because of their minimum self-awareness. The recent one happened in mid-August, where a female Chinese tourist died from serious injuries after being swept away by the huge wave. The victim ignored the warning sign and standing too near the edge of the dangerous cliff. Another deadly incident also took the lives of a 24-year-old Indian tourist who died after sudden wave crashed the spot where he stood.

Photo by @metravelblog on Instagram


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