Badung Satpol PP arrested Ema Jane Chieveley William on Saturday (9/14) for bad behaviours. A hotel security saw the fifty-year old was throwing pebbles at passing cars and motorcycle in front of Shell hotel at Jl. Wana Segara. Emma is a fifty-year old female tourist and an English citizen.

“She threw (small stones) at passing cars and motorcycles,” stated the Head of Badung Satpol PP, Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara.

After the report from the hotel security, the authorities then rushed to the scene and tried to take her to the agency’s office in Kuta but she refused. After several attempts, the officers managed to take her.

The officers only found her passport and some clothes inside her bag. There weren’t any suspicious or illegal things to be found. Authorities suspected Ema didn’t have any place to stay.

“It is unclear. She only brings her passport and some clothes in her bag. I think she also got no place to stay,” added Suryanegara.

According to Suryanegara, the agency has coordinated with the immigrational agency for further identification.


Source: Detik News

Photo: Unsplash


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