Denpasar Police to release a movie entitled “No Mercy”

It was on Tuesday noon, around 11.45 am local time when the hotel security in Nusa Dua found Officer Ida Bagus Suda Suwana was lying unconsciously with bruises on his face, red eyes, and vomiting blood. He was clearly attacked by an unknown people, police suspected it was a group of people, who took away his AK 101 and Magazen. The police have undergone investigations but the suspects are nowhere to be found. Two years later, the same gang performed their act—robbing a money changer in Bali with guns in their hands and ran away with millions of cash. The police put their maximum efforts in solving the case and finally their hard work are paid. The police arrested all suspects and found the allegedly missing rifles.

The story above is based on a true event from a gun robbery in August, 2017 in front of a hotel in Nusa Dua which later linked to the armed robbery a few months earlier by a group of Russian citizens. The crime was viral at that time which inspired the Denpasar police to create a movie from it.

“It’s been produced during the past three months. The movie highlights the Bali’s security system which almost destroyed by a group of people with Russia identity,” stated Arta Ariawan during the meeting with the Vice Governor of Bali.

The movie entitled “No Mercy” which is directed by Muhammad Yusuf will show the efforts of the local police in resolving a crime involving Russian citizens who also fugitives of the Ukraine Police. “No Mercy” is expected to hit the theatre next year.

During the same event, the Vice Governor of Bali, Tjok Ace, also expressed his appreciation towards the efforts done by the Bali Police and urged the department to also gain more public trusts through promotions like this movie.

Source: Bali Post, Bali Express

Photo Source: Bali Factual News

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