After the recent new tax on boarding house owners in Badung, the region also now bans foreign tourists to stay in boarding houses. Badung authorities viewed this to help increase the room occupancy of many hotels in the region.

The ban is clearly stated in the recent regulation No 35 the Year 2019 on Articles 7 Point m regarding the obligations boarding house’s owners and also the rules for their residents. It says, “to ban WNA (Warga Negara Asing or Foreign citizens) to stay at boarding houses.”

The head of Badung’s one-stop and integrated investment agency, I Made Agus Aryawan told Radar Bali yesterday (10/9) that this is also to assured the safety and the security for the tourists since many boarding houses in Bali are often not completed with proper security system like in many hotels.

The agency also reported that many boarding houses in Badung are not listed in Badung’s and operating without legal permit. The issue rises after the region found that many tourists stay in unregistered boarding houses, and the new law is issued to monitor all the boarding houses in Badung and to help increasing the room occupancy in hotels in the region.


Photo source: Unsplash


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