A Russian citizen reportedly died after a tragic boogie board riding incident in Seminyak beach yesterday (10/10), Radar Bali reports. The fifty-four-year-old Alekseev Yuriy was having a great time doing his wave riding games with his partner along with a group comprising of a lifeguard and a few other tourists. A sudden wave then shocked him and swept him away from his partner, Alekseeva Olga.

“The hotel’s lifeguard said that a wave swept him away from his partner,” stated Bambang Wiriawan from Bali’s police.

Unconscious and unresponsive, the lifeguard rushed after him and carried the Russian man back to the shore. He was then taken to the nearby hospital after his condition got worsening, but sadly, Aleekseev Yuriy died on way to hospital. A report has been made and the family is still waiting for a further decision to transfer Aleekseev Yuriy’s body back home.

The external findings suggested that the cause of the death is from drowning. The victim, Aleekseev Yuriy, was rushed to Siloam hospital. The police have stated that the victim died on the way to the hospital.


Photo source: Unsplash

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