The Bali’s Kodam Udayana Army Forces will celebrate Hari Juang Kartika with a surfing competition


Surfing has recently caught the attention of the Bali’s regional military command (Kodam) Udayana. In celebrating Hari Juang Kartika on 15th of December, Kodam Udayana and Paguyuban Barakuda, a surfing association in Bali, will host a surfing competition, Kabar Nusa reports on Monday (10/14).

During an audience in Denpasar yesterday (10/14), the infantry colonel Jemz A Ratu Edo stated that sports can promote a good relationship between the armed force and society, especially to young Balinese. The Paguyuban Barakuda, who initiated the Surfing competition also invited children from the family of the army officers to participate.

This surfing competition becomes part of the armed forces social agenda to help raising the island’s progress in sports and tourism, especially to support the local surfers and to introduce surfing to young Balinese. If more people put their interest in the sport, it maybe able to urge the government and related agencies to consider surfing as part of the national sport competition. The Kodam Udayana will give their full support in helping to set up the whole agenda.


Photo source: Unsplash

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