Denpasar’s agency of meteorology and geophysics (BMKG) reported that Bali will experience a noon without shadow today on Wednesday (16/10), NusaBali says. On this day, the sun will exactly be on the top of our head, parallel, and will not cast a shadow to the standing straight objects on the ground.

“Regarding the day without shadow, there’s a sun’s culmination point which says that both the sun and the object on the ground are in the same position. This causes the shadow from the object to overlap each other and makes it looks like there’s no shadow,” told Iman Fatchurochman from Denpasar BMKG to NusaBali on Sunday (13/10).

This astronomical phenomenon will cause the temperature to raise which is followed by the lowering humidity, therefore it’s better to drink enough water to stay hydrated during the day.  Residents in all region in Bali can look up for this noon without shadow from 12.03 PM to 12.07 PM.


Photo souce: Unsplash

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