Indonesia’s ministry of marine affairs and fisheries says Benoa Bay as a marine conservation area

The Benoa Bay is now considered as the nation’s marine conservation area (KKM) says Susi Pudjiastuti, the minister of Indonesia’s ministry of marine affairs and fisheries, Liputan 6 reports on Tuesday (10/15). This means that the area will be dedicated to protection of its natural diversity so all reclamation activities will no longer be allowed. It’s officially regulated in the recent law Number 46/KEPMEN-KP/2019 regarding the status of Benoa Bay in Bali waters dated on 4 October 2019.

There are several points highlighted in the new law including the status of Benoa Bay as a marine conservation area in which covering the total of 1,234.41 hectares land. The local government is in charge in selecting the organizations that will contribute in managing and controlling this marine conservation area.

Last August, the Bali Governor urged PT Pelindo III to stop the project around Benoa Bay. The Pelindo III is the state-owned company who managed the reclamation project surrounding the Benoa Bay. The project received many protests from most Balinese since it could destroy many mangroves and the area’s surrounding bio diversity and can affect the island’s religious ceremonial activities.


Photo source: Unsplash

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