Balipost reported that the regency has lost around 12 kilometres of its land due to severe coastal abrasion. Reasons identified are natural causes such as wind, pebbles and waves and the sand mining activities in many beaches in Tabanan.

The data from Tabanan’s environmental agency recorded a total of 12.7 km out of 34.5 km land in Tabanan regency has damaged by a severe coastal abrasion, but only about 4,9 km caught the local government’s attention.

The head of Tabanan’s environmental agency, I Made Subagia, stated on Thursday (11/7) that the government of Tabanan cannot afford to treat the damaged areas due to the limited budget given by the provincial authorities. But the region has planted trees to some areas including Kedungu, Yeh Gangga, Pasut, Soka and Pengasahan.

Aside from natural causes, small scale activities like sand mining and stone collecting worsen the abrasion. The local authorities have warned the local residents, including to officials in villages in Tabanan and the local farmers to not to picking up pebbles from the beaches because it can disturb the ecosystem and worsen the coastal abrasion.

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