Several streets in Kuta are covered in piles of trash since Sunday (11/10), BaliPost reports. The trash resulted in bad smell, disrupting the local residents and tourists nearby the streets in Kuta art shops, Kuta beach and some in Kuta district. Many have complained about the recent condition, but no action is still yet taken in managing the trash.

According to Made, a seller in Kuta art shops, the trash has been flooded the area for five to six days. This is due to the recent ban by the governor of Bali in disposing the trash to Suwung, a landfill located in Denpasar. The ban is triggered after a huge fire destroyed hectares of the area a month ago. Landfills in Tuban and Pesanggaran are also recently closed due to overload.

According to I Wayan Wasista, the bendesa adat (head of village) in Kuta, the landfill in Pesanggaran is no longer receiving anymore garbage trucks. The Badung authorities are still looking for the solutions in disposing the trash.

The island is now fighting against trash and plastic pollution. The recent plastic ban early this year has triggered awareness in plastic pollution, but many said not enough. Several main landfills in Bali are now flooded with trash, the island needs another solution.


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