Bali has recently issued a new regulation on clean energy, BaliPost reports. It was officially signed yesterday (11/12) by the governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster. The new law focuses in the clean energy in Bali, including projects in renewable energy and electric motor transportation.

“The Governor Regulation Number 45 about Bali Clean Energy consists of 11 chapters and 33 articles. It’s created to meet the demand of energy in Bali to become independent, environmentally friendly, sustainable and fair by using clean energy,” stated I Wayan Koster in Denpasar yesterday (11/12).

The clean energy will be developed from renewable resources such as sunlight, water energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy.

This governor regulation no. 45 also focuses on green building (zero energy building) development that will have a balance energy that are being used and produced. The project will focus on official buildings and others with 500 square metres lots or more.

“This green building has to have a character of tropics and traditional Balinese architectures,” added Koster.

On the other hand, the governor also signed another new regulation Number 48 which focuses on electrical motor transportation in Bali. The project is underway and is expected to bring less harm on cultural heritages and sacred places in Bali.

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