A passenger bus burst into flame at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport on Tuesday (11/12), NusaBali reports. No injuries reported, but the bus was badly damaged.

The bus owned by Lion Air was expected to deliver the passengers from Apron B-1 area. However, the faulty equipment caused the machine to spark a fire and eventually exploded before reaching the destination area. The driver, Ibrahim, shocked upon the findings and made a quick decision to put out the fire using two fire extinguishers.

“When exploded, the bus was empty because it was about to leave to pick up the passengers. Therefore, it caused no harm to anybody,” told a source person to NusaBali.

After the incident, the bus has been moved to the parking area in GSE Bravo 63 while technicians are still investigating the cause of the machinery failure. However, it was found out that the bus was previously been not operating for the last two days after receiving full-on maintenance. It is suspected that there was some problem in the radiator which triggered the failure that leads to an explosion.

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