The police have arrested a man carrying explosive substances in Banyuwangi, Detik News reports. The man caught with a hundred ready to explode detonators and twenty-five kilograms of potassium chlorate hidden in the back of his car. This illegal explosive material allegedly to be delivered to Bali.

Previously, the police have received an information about the crime and an investigation has been undergone ever since. The man, Ahmad Fauzi, was driving a white Toyota Fortuner in the area of Baluran forest when the police stopped and investigated his car.

“During the investigation, we secured several evidences inside the car including a hundred pieces of detonators– ready to explode, and five sacks or twenty-five kilograms of potassium chlorate. Each found in the dashboard and inside the car trunk,” stated officer Subandi to Detik News on Thursday (11/14).

He further explained that the investigation done in the area of Baluran forest was aimed to anticipate the worst scenario of an explosion from the materials since the scene located away from residential areas.

Meanwhile, the head of Banyuwangi police explained that the arrest took place last February 2019 by the police headquarters and Banyuwangi police. The case has been handed over to the crime unit of Banyuwangi police and the suspect has been charged guilty.

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