The young Balinese athlete, Sarah Ayu Tamalea, won a gold medal at the shooting competition in Philippines, NusaBali reports. In the international competition on Sunday (11/17), Sarah Ayu ranked first in the lady category of IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship in Philippines.

The young athlete defeated other top international shooting athletes, including those from Philippines, USA and Australia. She led with the highest score from the beginning until the end of the 24 stages of the competition. Placed at the second is the Philippines athlete, Jessica Tampoca, and Jessi Harrison from USA followed at the third.

“I’m very grateful to be able to performed well in this competition. I was leading with the highest score since the competition first began last 10th of November. For a week securing my consistency in earning points and finally coming out as the champion.”

The IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship is an IPSC level 4 championship hosted every third in Australasia countries. Shooting sports athletes from across the continents joined in this year’s IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship competing to bring home a gold medal in a difficult 24-stages and five-days competition in Philippines.

Sarah Ayu Tamalea has become the young star in the shooting sports in Bali. She has won numerous medals from various national and international shooting competitions.


Foto source: Instagram @selitrapadas


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