The management of ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation) will embark on a major upgrade in Nusa Dua, Warta Bali reports. The agency set up an IDR 50 billion for the project which will include improvements of Tugu Mandala, Peninsula island and Nusa Dharma island. This major improvement is expected to begin next year.

The managing director of The Nusa Dua – ITDC, IGN Ardita commented that the upgrades aims to renew the area’s 40-year old architectural design and to leave better impressions to tourists.

“Upgrades are important to give a new impression when (tourists) visiting Nusa Dua. Currently, the tourist’s visitations and the hotel occupancies are good. The number hits 80 percent. But it needs improvement so (it) can raise the image of Nusa Dua,” stated Ardita.

The Nusa Dua will still be open for public despite of the major upgrades next year. All activities surrounding the area will still run normally.

As the icon of The Nusa Dua, Tugu Mandala will be upgraded with the classic tale of Panca Pandawa, while the island of Nusa Dharma will be developed into an island dedicated for yoga and meditation. On the other hand, the Peninsula island will be dedicated for arts and cultural performances for public.

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