Locals were shocked, the Tukad Badung river in Denpasar suddenly turned red yesterday morning (11/27),  Bali Express reports. Officials acted fast. Upon receiving the reports, samples were taken and it showed horrific signs of water pollutions caused by textile chemicals.

Hariyono, a worker at a construction company nearby the area stated that at 9 am local time, the river was suddenly changed colour. The red flow came from the upstream at the north and kept running downstream to the south.

Officials conducted investigations to several textile printing around the area. The investigation revealed illegal waste disposal from a small textile company owned by Hj. Nurhayati. The business owner admitted the accusation, stating that her company consciously and illegally disposed the chemical waste to the river. The investigation even further revealed that the company is not legally operated with officials permits. For this, she will be charged with the regional law number 12 year 2002 regarding business permits and her business will likely to be shut down.



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