The authorities at Ngurah Rai Airport detained Michael William Petersen (47) for allegedly having 87 pills of dexamphetamine last Friday (11/22), Merdeka reports. The man claimed that the pills are legally prescript by his doctor, but it seems it went another way around for the Indonesian law.

The Bali police underwent investigation about the allegedly prescript drugs, demanding for legal papers and the authentic doctor prescription owned by Michael. The pills have been taken to forensic lab, while Michael had to spent nights in the detainment room.

After several days, it was found that Michael suffered from Myasthenia Gravis, a long-term neuromuscular disease that leads to varying degrees of skeletal muscle weakness. Treatments would require dexamphetamine which he obtained legally from a pharmacy in Australia. All the legal papers and doctor prescript have been sent to the police. He finally released and found not guilty.

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