21 December 2019

Tumpek Landep is a holy day dedicated to the God of Heirloom. Celebrated once every 210 days on the Balinese calendar, offerings and prayers are offered for objects made of metal. Prayers begin early morning at the village temple, and continues at home with more offerings and prayers made to all metal items owned by the family including heirloom, weapons, transportation, computers and any other object that may contain metal in the hopes that these items will keep the owner safe and help them towards betterment in their daily lives. On this day, you’ll see the automobiles and motorbikes on the roads of Bali bearing intricate stitched-leaf ornaments and offerings called “Sampian”. It is also said that ceremonies held on Tumpek Landep is symbolic, held to remind people to keep their minds alert and sharp so as to remain useful to society.

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