Prolonged drought in Bali resulting in major water shortage at some areas


The prolonged drought and delayed rains have caused the island to be running out of water, Al Jazeera News reports. Wells and rivers are drying up fast, but the demand remains high from both the local residents and the tourism industry.

The water shortage threatens most areas in the northern region of Bali. There is not enough water to water the crops of the local residents in Seraya Timor on Bali’s east coast, even to drink, bathe and cook. The people in Seraya Timor only relies on the passing tankers to fill up their water supply which cost can be extremely high. There were water trucks by the state, but there have been none recently. The shortage even threatens the Balinese traditional ‘Subak’ irrigational system. More and more wells and rivers are drying up fast, resulting in the less water to water the rice fields.

Despite of the crisis, the demand from the tourism industry is still high. Studies revealed that the industry uses sixty-five percent of the island’s total water. This has become a serious issue for the island and the government must react fast.

This year, the Bali’s government has planned in building a new Dam called Sidan Dam located in Bangkung river in Badung which will stand at the border of three regencies; Badung, Bangli and Gianyar as reported by Bali This Week. The construction is expected to finish in 2021 and is estimated to supply 1,750 liters per second of water to Badung, Tabanan, Gianyar and Denpasar.

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