One of the most anticipated updates to take place last September in Bali’s enthralling world of dining and culinary is the official availability of MÉTIS Bali’s newly reformed menu. Executive Chef Dove Sudarsana is as innovative as always but this time, this iconic venue in the heart of Petitenget has included favourites that were previously only exclusively offered to select guests, and now, everyone can experience the height of French Mediterranean cuisine as articulated by MÉTIS Bali.

Those not familiar with French Mediterranean cuisine may not truly understand what lies in store when glancing at the menu – names like Les Encornets simply explains Squid and Artichokes Fried with Iberian Flavours. Executive Chef Dove Sudarsana says that this is part of the experience; the anticipation of what is to come. Presentation is stunning yet simple, with every dish promising rich flavours and amazing textures. The climax of the entire process, almost a ritual in its own right, is achieved when the first bite is taken. Then, every flavour, texture, taste, aroma and technique comes together in a fantastic finale to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Take the La Caille, for example – anticipation began when the Chef himself appeared with a covered dome carrying the carefully prepared dish, which he methodically sets on fire upon arriving at our table. The air is filled with the sweet smell of thyme and sage and as the smoke dissipates, the dome was removed, revealing a perfectly roasted, perfectly spiced, glistening, moist and succulent quail nestled in a bed of green herbs.

The imagination and the sense of wonder were further triggered with cutleries in hand. At first bite, there were gasps of delight as deeper into the meal revealed even more decadent flavours and textures – tender and flavoursome duck meat stuffed within the quail, which is gently crisped and covered in honey coriander sauce alongside zesty vegetable millefeuille. This is the typical dining experience at MÉTIS, where every dish brings about thrilling bouts of anticipation and satisfaction.

Chef Dove Sudarsana talks about his creations modestly – but any discerning diner will agree that his creations will give any world-class Michelin star establishment a run for its money. With over 20 years experience in the culinary world, Chef Dove has been working closely alongside celebrated restaurateur, Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville, and together, they continuously delight every discerning gourmand with their astounding culinary artistry, creating signatures that place MÉTIS into an extraordinary league of its own. Chef Dove has also repeatedly travelled to Europe to learn all about French cooking techniques, herbs and ingredients which he brings back to apply to the kitchen at MÉTIS.

With the revamped menu, diners are now invited to sample a whole new world of culinary decadence. The Chef is delighted to present Les Cuisses de Grenouille, breaded frog legs with garlic paste and parsley coulis; Les Gambas served with basil pesto; Les Tagliatelles aux “Pistaches”, pasta with pistachio sauce and organic poached egg; Le Steak Tartare with old fashioned French fries; and fresh seafood from the sea such as Les Fruits de Mer, seafood platter with vegetable skewers tarragon basil dressing; Le Cabillaud, caramelized black cod with black pepper sauce and spinach; and Le Saumon de “Tasmanie”, seared Tasmanian salmon with wasabi spinach croutons and “sauce vierge”.

There are plenty of vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options as well with Chef Dove recommending Les Lasagnes for vegan diners – black truffle vegan lasagne with Mediterranean vegetables, almond milk cheese and soft polenta and for dessert, Le Rouge, with homemade almond cream, mix berries, almond crumble and raspberry sorbet as well as secret ingredients that aren’t mentioned in the menu – grated lemon zest, coriander puree, sugar coconut and wild honey.

The menu now also comes with “Streetfood” selections including Les Palourdes, fresh clams cooked with garlic, dry chilli and white wine; Les Scampi, big shrimps cooked with white wine and spice; Pizza Truffle Noire, black truffle and mozzarella cheese; Burger Au Foie Gras, 3 mini foie gras and wagyu burger and La Socca; traditional chickpea galette from the French Riviera. Perfect for those who prefer to share or to add a bit of variety in between meals and courses.

MÉTIS Restaurant is open from Monday to Saturdays for lunch and dinner and from 4pm for High Tea and then dinner from 6pm on Sundays. Book the Wine Cellar for private dining experiences under the exclusive attention of the highly-trained service team and surrounded by the beautifully designed interior, rich ambience, brass accents, original artwork and wine-lined walls. Upstairs at MÉTIS is the Private Dining Room, an intimate enclave that’s perfect for 100 guests to luxuriate in among natural hardwood finishing, antique pieces and sparkling lights cast by captivating chandeliers and its own private bar and kitchen.

Adjoining to MÉTIS Restaurant is MÉTIS Lounge, a pulsating, quirky but sophisticated oasis for all soirées taking place in Bali. Numerous world-class hip music shows and themed party events are regularly held, showcasing luminary DJs and artistic talents from all across the globe. First opened in 2009 as the brainchild of culinary legend Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville and art lover, Said Alem, MÉTIS has been ranked as one of Asia’s Top 20 restaurants (Miele Guide Best of Asia, 2013) and recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence (2013).


MÉTIS Restaurant, Lounge & Gallery

Jl. Petitenget No. 6, Seminyak Bali

P +62 361 4737 888 |


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