The Bali’s Pulau Plastik (Plastic Island) campaign is set to release another four new movie episodes to increase awareness in single-used plastic and to support the governor’s ban. The release will take place on December 6 at Badung traditional market in Denpasar with many performances from the local band, including Jun Bintang, Nosstress and Navicula.

Each episode is named related to the Balinese life philosophy; Segara Kertih, Karmaphala, Bedawang Nala, and Tri Hita Karana. The episode will start with Segara Kertih, focusing on the effect that the microplastic materials brought to the ocean (segara). The following episode, Karmaphala, will emphasize on the importance of recycling. The third episode, Bedawang Nala, highlights the life of the sea turtles (bedawang nala) which are threatened by plastics wastes. The last episode presents the cleaning activity at the Bali’s mother temple, Besakih temple in Karangasem.

Several Balinese leading figures including the governor I Wayan Koster, the Denpasar’s mayor Rai Mantra, Suzy Hutomo and Ida Mas Dalem Segara took part in the 20-minute movie episodes. The movie is hoped to raise awareness towards single used plastics.

The Pulau Plastik (plastic island) is a collaborative campaign which focusing on the issue of single-used plastics in Bali by raising the community awareness through short movies.


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