Rumah Luwih Beach Resort, an award-winning World Luxury Hotel with beautiful classic colonial revival architecture that is nestled above the dazzling shores of Lebih Beach in Gianyar, Bali has recently bagged the GOLD MEDAL at the Tri Hita Karana Awards and Accreditation 2019 held in Ksiarnawa, Art Center, Denpasar. The prestigious award is recognition of the resort’s efforts in sustaining and maintaining the traditional philosophy of life on the island. Meanwhile, Eka Sri Wedayanti, Rumah Luwih’s Front Office Manager was named the first place winner of the Sympathetic PR award at manager level.

“It is certainly an honor to be awarded as the first place winner. I have been learning all about Tri Hita Karana since elementary school and to date I am still eagerly striving to execute the practice in real life,” said Eka who was delighted that she has given such meaningful contribution to the practices of Tri Hita Karana, not only in her daily life, but also at her work place.

This year Tri Hita Karana award saw the participation of 180 companies comprising hotels, private companies, and other corporations. The award given is the result of an evaluation of the implementation of performance in a year. Since the very first award, there has been an increase in the number of participants. With this increasing number, a positive reflection of the understanding and the importance of Tri Hita Karana among businesses here in Bali.

Tri Hita Karana is a traditional Balinese philosophy for life which centres on understanding and respecting three main principles; which include harmony with God, harmony among people, and harmony with nature or environment. Rumah Luwih aims to continue to contribute to this ancient philosophy while continuing to implement the practices throughout the resort accordingly.

“Not only is Bali the homeland of Rumah Luwih; it is paramount to live, work, and socialize in a harmonious environment. The practice of Tri Hita Karana ultimately helps us in sustaining a beautiful world for everyone, reminding us to be considerate and respectful amongst each other, and essentially to be grateful to God. Therefore, we are extremely honored for the acknowledgment and will continue to implement Tri Hita Karana in our resort,”said Agus Suananda, CHA, General Manager of Rumah Luwih. To find out more about Rumah Luwih, please visit

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