Bali has been suffering a long drought in the past few months with lots of rivers and well are running dry so quickly. This motivated the Bali’s Hindu Centre (PHDI) to perform a holy ritual of Nunas Sabeh Mapag Toya on Friday (12/6), Tribun Bali reports.

The ritual, initiated by the Bali’s Hindu Centre, featured Balinese traditional offerings to ask god Visnu for blessings in form of water or rains. The ritual started with taking holy water from the temple Puncak Padang Dawa and Taman Sari temple, then continued with asking for blessing from the chief of the PHDI Bali’s Sulinggih (the Balinese highest priest) to perform the rituals. This Nunas Sabeh Mapag Toya ritual took place on Friday (12/6) at the Bali’s Hindu Centre office in Denpasar.

Besides this holy ritual, the agency also urged the residents to start planting more trees and warns the government about the laser beams to break down the rainy clouds in the sky.

“If can, in a week, one family starts to plant more trees to bring positive impact for the environment. This can help to trigger rains and the trees can also produce more oxygen which is good for us,” stated the chief of PHDI Bali, Prof I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana to Tribun News.

For the past few months, Bali suffers a prolonged drought from the extreme heat and delayed rain season. This leads to water shortage in several areas on the island, mainly in the North. Despite of the shortage, the demand remains high especially from the tourism industry. Constructions also use laser beams to break down the clouds in the sky to prevent rains.

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