The regency of Tabanan set a plan to turn the long-abandoned Bedugul’s ‘ghost hotel’ to become a luxurious resort, Bali Express reports. The plan is currently under discussion, while the government of Tabanan has set aside 200 billion rupiahs for the project.

Hotel Puncak Indah was constructed during the reign of Indonesia’s second President Soeharto. After his downfall in 1998, the construction was stopped and the unfinished hotel is left abandoned. Now, the building is filled with wild vegetation and many of its interior and exterior structure are badly damaged.

The head of Tabanan’s agency of research and development (Bapelitbang), Ida Bagus Wiratmaja claimed that improvements are needed to be taken. Therefore, the regional government of Tabanan plans on turning it into a luxury resort. It will also be operated under the new name, The Bedugul Sunrise.

Located strategically in Bedugul, the hotel overviews the beautiful sunrise and the hills with rates range from 5 million to 10 million rupiahs per night. In the meantime, the plan is still under discussion. The project is expected to reach 200 billion rupiahs. In the meantime, the regional government of Tabanan has contacted the owner of the hotel and the agreement is expected to be settled soon.


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