Both Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta have achieved Emerald Accreditation at the Bali’s annual Tri Hita Karana Awards 2019 (THK 2019) where Alaya Resort Ubud was also acknowledged with two PR Simpatik Awards. The awards were presented during an official ceremony hosted at the Ksirarnawa Hall, Art Centre in Denpasar. This culturally-inspired event was attended by leading Balinese hoteliers and business owners. The awards essentially recognize significant achievements in incorporating sustainable spiritual, social and environmental principles and practices into business operations. This is Alaya Resort Ubud’s second Emerald Award with the best scores in Tri Hita Karana accreditation so the property has been upgraded to the top Emerald 3 award this year as a Five Star Property and also a second Emerald award for Alaya Dedaun Kuta as a Boutique Villa. Jl. Hanoman, Ubud Bali | Ph: +62 361 972 200 |

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