The Bali Police arrested a forty-eight year old US citizen after crashing into multiple motorcycle riders in Jimbaran yesterday (09/01), NusaBali reports. Findings suggested that the suspect was driving under the influence during the incident.

On Wednesday night (08/01), the suspect was seen leaving a minimart in Jimbaran with his car, hit a motorcycle rider and ran away. He got out and ran down the street to Uluwatu Jimbaran, but some locals who witnessed the incident followed him by riding a motorcycle. Feeling panicked, the suspect went to Pecatu and breaking red lights at a high speed. Another local security saw this suspicious car and joined the chase along with the other previous angry residents. The suspect turned away to Goa Gong, back again to Uluwatu Street and suddenly hit the brake in front of a residential area in Jimbaran which led into another crash with the motorcycle riders.

The suspect managed to run away and arrived at Bali Pecatu Graha in Pecatu. He desperately broke through the guarded gate, in and out the area. Many angry residents hit the car with stones and the suspect was beaten up quite bad. The Kuta Police came and brought him to the nearest hospital in Nusa Dua for a medical treatment. The suspect then arrested and sentenced to 1 year in jail.

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