The new Mengwitani-Singaraja highway is officialy open for public. Now road users can from Mengwitani, Badung to entering Singaraja in around 1.5 hours as opposed of 2.5 hours.

“I hope this new highway can be the answer to overcome the traffic that always occurs in Singaraja-Denpasar route, especially in the area of Puncak Wanagiri, Candi Kuning and Bedugul.” stated Koster during the inauguration (30/12/19).

The highway is constructed in 10 different points with the location is situated between Tabanan and Singaraja. In the meantime, only 4 points are officially open, including points 3-4 in Bedugul, Tabanan and point 5-6 in the district of Sukasada, Singaraja.

According to Koster, the highway is parts of the government’s program to improve the infrastructures in Bali. New roads are on the plan; including roads at point 1-2, point 7-8 and 9-10 and the construction will begin throughout this year.

Besides that, the new highway is seen to minimize the rising economic inequality between the southern and the northern area of Bali.


Photo source: bali.tribunnews

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