Bali authorities issued a regulation to ban pigs in Bali from Eating Airline food, Simple Flying reports. The ban is due to the increasing cases of the African swine fever and to stop the virus from spreading.

The African swine fever can infect pigs and killed the entire herds in a short period of time. For years, pigs in Bali have been consumed leftovers from the airline. Since the case on the swine fever is increasing, this can possibly transmit the swine fever to the herd. Now, authorities have ordered to destroy the leftover food from the airline, particularly from those who have traveled to countries with active cases of swine fever.

Last year, the virus has killed 34,000 pigs in North Sumatra. With more than 760,000 pigs that is estimated to be living in Bali, there is no report yet regarding the swine fever.

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