Bali is now ready to support Indonesia’s Low Carbon Development Plan which focuses on the sustainable tourism, infrastructure development as well as economy.

As reported by patrolipostcom, the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster is fully supported the plan since it’s also in line towards the programs by the Bali government. But to do so, he hoped for the full support from the Ministry of National Development Planning.

“I really hope that the minister supports our policies which are in line with your direction, so that Bali is truly and sustainably developed in the future,” stated I Wayan Koster on Tuesday (14/1).

During the same event, the governor of Bali also signed a MoU between the Bali government and the Ministry of National Development Planning on Tuesday (14/1) at the Bali’s Governor Office. The Governor also declared that the island is ready to become the national model to apply this Low Carbon Development Plan.

The Low Carbon Development initiative is a plan by the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) to achieve showing economic benefits by transitioning to a development strategy that will produce less carbon footprints. According to Mongabay, the plan is focusing on renewable energy, forest protection and peat restoration, industrial and household waste management, agricultural productivity, as well as institutional and governance improvements.

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