A huge fire destroyed a supermarket and several stores located in Seminyak on Thursday (16/1), Bali Express reports.

According to Bali Express, the fire broke down early in the morning at around 2.30 AM Bali time from a drug store nearby the supermarket. The Badung fire department sent out sixteen fire trucks to tackle the fire. At 1 PM Bali time, the fire eventually stopped but several stores and the Seminyak’s popular supermarket were destroyed.

The Operational Manager of Bintang Supermarket, Agus Sanjaya confirmed the incident, “The fire broke down from a drug store at around 2.30 AM. The blaze had grown bigger when I got here (the location),” told Agus to Bali Express on Thursday (16/1).

He further added that the fire destroyed a hundred percent of the store complex plus a warehouse and an office building. “The store is a hundred percent burnt down and ten percent of the warehouse and the office,” added Agus Sanjaya. He also reported the loss of IDR 50 billion from the incident. The supermarket will undergo a major reconstruction and is expected to operate normally in the next 7 months.

There was no injuries or death reported, but the investigation is underway to reveal the cause of the fire.


Photo source: IG @riskidarmawan_

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