Bali Hai Cruises is extremely proud to announce the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Governor Bapak I Wayan Koster for Nusa Lembongan’s largest Coral Restoration program! Starting from November 2017 Bali Hai in partnership with MARS Inc. – who have provided the vital training to undertake this incredible program –  have restored a total area of 600m2 in Nusa Lembongan Bay.

As a commitment to the future of the island and for future generations of locals and tourists to enjoy, Bali Hai will hold a daily educational and interactive workshop where guests will learn the basics about coral reefs and their importance, and why coral reefs are threatened globally as well as local issues that threaten these vital ecosystems. As part of the workshop guests will have the chance to plant a piece of coral to the “reef stars”.

Afterwards guests can see the restoration area first hand in the ocean either by snorkeling or scuba diving. Bali Hai has committed to sponsor this program, which is available free for their guests. If you are interested to learn more or take part in this amazing program, please contact Bali Hai Cruises. For more information about Bali Hai Cruises, do visit or

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