The regency of Bangli, Bali will once again to host its annual Balingkang Festival on 8 February 2020, reports. The event will highlight both Balinese and Chinese culture to attract more Chinese tourists to visit Bali.

“As we already know, besides Australian tourists, there are also lots of Chinese tourists who come to Bali and we should market Bali more to them,” stated Putu Astawa, the Head of Bali’s Tourism Agency on Thursday (15/1).

To run the event, the authorities are teaming up with the Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) and have targeted more than 1500 tourists to visit the event.

By bringing both Balinese and Chinese cultural performances to live, Putu Astawa hoped that this event can give a golden opportunities for the local Balinese people to enjoy the other country’s cultural performances, including from China and vice versa.

The Balingkang Kintamani Festival was first held in February last year by bringing the historical relation between Bali and China to live through the cross cultural performances. This year, the event has changed its name to become the Kintamani Chinese Festival.


Photo source: Getty Images

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