A Russian citizen, Vladimir Chausov, was found dead in a swimming pool at a hotel in Kuta on Tuesday (21/01), Bali Bisnis reports.

According to AKP Yusak Agustinus, the Head of South Kuta Police, the thirty-year old was last seen doing breath training for surfers and divers underwater. Findings suggested no signs of violence, but the investigation is underway.

His body was found by his friend who also who also moved the body outside a pool to performed CPR. Then he called the other residents to call the medic. But unfortunately, he couldn’t be rescued.

During his stay, Vladimir often asked for some plastic bags and seen doing his breath training in the swimming pool. He was often told by his friends to not doing his training underwater since it was dangerous, but he ignored. It was also revealed that Vladimir often consumed a large amount of alcohol.

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