The recent China’s travel
restriction has caused major losses to Bali’s Economic. The recent data
revealed, at least 15 thousand Chinese tourists have canceled their trip to Bali, reports. The loss is estimated to reach billions of rupiahs.

“The cancelation from the Chinese
tourist has caused billions of economic loss, since each tourist can spend USD
300 during their trip in Bali,” stated Elsye Deliana, The Head of Bali Liang or
ASITA (Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies) Bali-China on
Friday (31/1).

All Chinese tourists have
canceled their stay in hotels in Bali after their government issued a travel
restriction to all of its citizens since last 27 January 2020. In the meantime,
the agency is still calculating the data but the number is estimated to grow

Being the largest number for the
tourist arrivals to Bali, the Chinese tourists bring a large impact to the
island’s tourism sector. This situation now is changed due the coronavirus
outbreak. In dealing the issue, the government of Bali is now focusing to
increase the number of tourist arrival from India and the Europe continent.

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