Now cars and other four-wheeled vehicles are not allowed to enter the Canggu-Tibubeng shortcut as the locals put up road signs in attempt to reduce traffic congestion in the area, Tribun Bali reports. The road sign has been placed since Sunday (2/2).

The Head of North Kuta district confirmed the news, saying, “It (the banner placement) was done by the locals. But it’s true that four wheeled vehicles are not allowed to enter the road. The signs were already placed by the Department of Transportation previously.”

The famous Canggu-Tibubeneng shortcut road has created massive traffic congestion due to the narrow road. In the previous time, the Badung’s Department of Transportation has placed the same road sign for multiple times but was destroyed by irresponsible road users. The increasing traffic has also created massive damages to the road, with many holes and broken bricks. Therefore, the locals in the area set up an initiative, again, to place the road sign.

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