If you’re looking to conduct a Stress Test while you’re here in Bali, look no further than the internationally accredited, state-of-the-art and award-winning BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua. The Exercise Stress Test, which is also sometimes known as the Treadmill Test, is used to provide information on how a patient’s heart response to exertion.

Throughout the duration of the test, the patient will be asked to walk on a treadmill, or pedal a stationary bicycle with increased levels of difficulty. The patient’s symptoms, electrocardiogram, heart rate, and blood pressure are monitored carefully by the attending Cardiologist.

A Stress Test is a great way to help with the diagnosis of heart disease. Stress Tests are performed by a trained technician under supervision of a doctor, to determine the amount of stress that your heart can take before developing significant symptoms such as an abnormal ECG or evidence of ischemia (depleted blood flow to the heart muscle).

So to summarize, here are the main reasons why a patient would need to go through a Stress Test:

  • To evaluate symptoms of chest discomfort, short of breath, fatigue.
  • To determine if there is adequate blood flow to the heart muscle during increasing levels of activity.
  • To determine the likelihood of having coronary heart disease and the need for further evaluation.
  • To check the effectiveness of procedures done to improve blood flow within the heart vessels in people with coronary heart disease.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the heart medications to control angina and ischemia.
  • To evaluate abnormal heart rhythms
  • To assess the patient exercise capacity
  • Help determine a safe exercise program
  • To help predict risk of heart related conditions

If you would like to partake in an Exercise Stress Test or a Treadmill Test here in Bali, you can do so at BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua where you’ll be in good hands. Meanwhile, Indonesian KTP Holders can take advantage of BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua’s complete and affordable package called “Paket Jantung Prima”, or “Prima Heart Package” priced at only IDR 499,000 per person.

The package is inclusive of consultation with a Cardiologist, Lab Test (total cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL and HDL), EKG test and Treadmill Test.

To book your appointment, please send a message via Whatsapp to 0811-3896-113.

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