Indonesian President Joko Widodo, or better known as Jokowi, added the agenda to discuss the Visa arrival for Indonesian citizens, on his visit to Australia on 8-10 February 2020.

Jokowi said that he will negotiate a visa deal that reflect the treatment Australia receives from Indonesia.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison announced that home affairs minister Peter Dutton will evaluate the travel arrangements between Indonesia and Australia. He said that they have agreed to include new elements as part of this implementation.

He added that Australia may consider to reduce travel warnings to visit Indonesia, especially for those areas most visited by Australian visitors.

For information, Australians visiting Indonesia can receive free 30 day visa on arrival while Indonesian tourists pay a $140 visa application fee and complete a 17 page questionnaire, which includes questions like “have you ever committed an act of genocide,” to obtain a travel visa. Indonesian visitors must also apply for the visa before leaving their country.

President Jokowi added that “Visa on arrival should be reciprocal and fair” in an interview with The Australian paper ahead of his visit.


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