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One of the most awaited events to take place on the eve of Nyepi; the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade has gained worldwide recognition due to its cultural uniqueness. Before the parade starts, every family will conduct prayers and blessings at the family temple before conducting a ritual called “Pengrupukan” – which means, to chase away malevolent forces. Entire families will go through their homes hitting pots and pans and carrying lit fiery torches. These evil spirits are later manifested in the form of the Ogoh-Ogoh or demon effigies with bulging eyes made of bamboo, papier-mâché and cloth. Carried through the streets in torch-lit parades, the Ogoh-Ogoh’s purpose is to bewilder evil spirits to flee and cease harming human beings. On this day, cockfighting is permitted because the spilling of blood is necessary for the purpose of purification. The parade usually starts at around 19:00 local time and can be viewed on all major roads around Bali.

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