Based on the Indonesian Government’s statement on Wednesday (18/3), confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus totalled 227 people, with 19 people dead.

“The total up to now, Wednesday (18/3) at 12.00 Western Indonesia Time, is 227 positive cases,” said the government spokesman handling the coronavirus, Achmad Yurianto, in Jakarta.

The surge to 227 cases occurred due to several regional hospitals that had not reported coronavirus cases from March 12 to March 17.

Earlier on Tuesday (17/3), the number of confirmed coronavirus cases reached 172 people. From March 17 at 12pm (Western Indonesia Time) to March 18 at 12pm, there was an increase of 55 confirmed cases.

Yurianto detailed the latest confirmed corona cases originated from 4 cases in Banten, 1 confirmed case in Yogyakarta, 30 cases in Jakarta, 12 cases in West Java, 2 cases in Central Java, 1 case in North Sumatra, 1 case in Lampung, 1 case in Riau and 1 case in East Kalimantan. In addition, there are 2 other patients with confirmed cases based on self-examination.

Details of the 19 patients who died included 1 person in Bali, 1 person from Banten, 12 from Jakarta, 1 from West Java, 2 from Central Java, 1 from East Java and 1 from North Sumatra.

In addition, Yurianto said there were 11 cases of coronavirus patients who were declared to have recovered and could be discharged. They came from Banten (1), Jakarta (9) and West Java (1).

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