1. The Head of the COVID-19 Task Force Mr. Dewa Made Indra outlined a policy covering the distribution of 350 liters (70 gallons) of disinfectants and 200 boxes of masks (10,000 pcs) to districts/ cities in Bali under the coordination of the regency/ cities (BPBD).

2. Continuing to quarantine Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) from Bali returning home here in Bali. To date, there are 30 people quarantined in the regional public health training center (UPTD Bapelkesmas) who are all stated to be in good health. Requesting understanding, awareness and togetherness of the whole community or parents of migrant workers and migrant workers to follow the quarantine with in a disciplined manner.

3. Regarding the implementation of Rapid Tests, Sekda Dewa Indra said that the rapid test equipment is expected to arrive in Bali on Saturday March 28, 2020. Rapid tests will be prioritized for quarantined migrant workers, people that are being monitored as well as medical personnel and paramedics.

4. On Nyepi Day, the COVID-19 Task Force continued to carry out its duties and work by dividing the set work schedule. They monitored the progress of cases and entered the field as required.

5. We urge all people to remain calm and trust that the Central Government, Regional Governments (Provinces, Regencies/ cities), all elements of the Armed Forces (TNI), National Police (POLRI) and other agencies are working together to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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